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Weeks 13 and 14 Experiment Pack
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Weeks 13 and 14 Experiment Pack

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     Foundations Science
Weeks 13 & 14 Experiment Pack



  • Graduated 32 oz Beaker (for measuring jar) x 1
  • 8 ounce Measuring Cup (for water & alcohol) x 1 
  • Blue Food Coloring Bottle x 1

* Master Experiment

    NOT SUPPLIED: Marker, Water, Strip of tape, Rubbing Alcohol(70-90% work best)

        See Pictorial below.




  • Blue Food Coloring Bottle (Rotated from wk 13) x 1
  • Disposable Cup x 1
  • Mini Pipettes x 9
 * All Students do this Experiment

      NOT SUPPLIED: Aluminum Foil (each student only needs a small piece), Rubbing Alcohol(70-90% work best)

      NOTE:  To get positive results: You can only have a thin layer of water.
                  Pour a small amount of water on the foil, and then shift the foil
                 around to make the water spread out.
                 If you have a "puddle" it won't work.
                *This is easier if you make 1 container of dye mix, and then give each student a pipette instead of a cup.
See Pictorial below.



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