Week 1 Face Prints (Blinking)
Week 1 Face Prints (Blinking)

Weeks 1-6 Cycle 3 Foundations Science Classroom Supplies

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Cycle 3 Foundations Science Classroom Supplies Weeks 1-6
To accompany the 5th edition guidebook

This is a great option if you don't know about availability of in-person classes for the entire year.
Perfect to start the first quarter of Cycle 3.

Supplies for 8 students plus a tutor!  


Week 1: Blinking #68

Blinking Face PDF Download, *Tape, *Pencils

Not Supplied:Scissors, Ruler

* All students do this experiment

Week 2: Water Drop #70

Flexible Wire 54" (cut this into 6" pieces), Small Containers for water, *Pencils (wrap wire)

Not Supplied: Newspaper (you can use any printed paper), Scissors

* All students do this experiment

Week 3: Fingerprints #74

Fingerprint PDF Download, *Tape, *Pencils, Magnifying Lens x 2 (rotate & share)

*Magnifiers are used in every cycle. Most campuses have them left over from previous years. If you need more, they are available as an add-on. You can easily see the patterns without magnification.

* All students do this experiment





Fingerprints with Pencil Lead and Clear Tape

Week 4: Lung Capacity #76

*Marker, *Tape, Flexible Tubing, Mini Straws x 9

* To prevent the spread of germs, we provide a mini straw for each student to use individually in this experiment.

If you want all students to perform this experiment, follow these instructions.

Have the students take turns by placing a new straw in the end of the tubing and then performing the experiment according to the book.Alternately, you could make this a Tutor Display Experiment only.

Not Supplied: Milk Jug, Sink(Basin), Water

* Master experiment or All students do this

Week 5: Sound Direction #72 and Rubbed Off #77

Soap (small size) x 3, Sandpaper (small sheet) x 5

* Break each soap bar in half and give 1 piece of soap and 1 sandpaper to each pair of students.

This experiment simulates the shedding of skin.Only a small amount is needed for each pair, so there is plenty.

Not Supplied: Paper (dark works best)

* All students do this experiment (In Pairs)

Week 6: How do you Feel? #78Spinning #79Change of Pattern #80

*Tape, *Pencils

Please note -*Tape, *Pencils, and *Marker are reused in multiple weeks and are bagged separately.

                      Your PDF Download pages will not have the copyright protection on the front.

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