Weeks 1, 2,and 3 - Cycle 3

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Weeks 1-3 for Cycle 3 Foundations Science - FREE Shipping!

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Week 1: Blinking #68

 Blinking Face PDF Download, *Tape, *Pencils

 Not Supplied:  Scissors, Ruler

* All students do this experiment

Week 2: Water Drop #70

 Flexible Wire 54" (cut this into 6" pieces), Small Containers for water, *Pencils (wrap wire)

 Not Supplied:  Newspaper (you can use any printed paper), Scissors

* All students do this experiment

Week 3: Fingerprints #74

 Fingerprint PDF Download, *Tape, *Pencils, Magnifying Lens x 2 (rotate & share)

 *Magnifiers are used in every cycle. Most campuses have them left over from previous years. If you need more, they are available as an add-on. You can easily see the patterns without magnification.

* All students do this experiment    





 Fingerprints with Pencil Lead and Clear Tape

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