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Solar System Planet Deluxe Craft Kit for 27 Students
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Solar System Planet Deluxe Craft Kit for 27 Students

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                      27 STUDENT CLASS PACK SIZE                                     
This kit is a great visual for planet location in the solar system.
Easy to do! Just glue on the beads and a glitter ring around Saturn.
You can also use glitter for the asteroid belt.
We chose lightweight flat back beads for this project.
Lots of color and easy to do for everybody.
Happy Teaching!

MERCURY BEAD      x 27             VENUS BEAD           x 27
EARTH  BEADS        x 27             MARS BEAD            x 27
URANUS  BEAD        x 27             NEPTUNE BEAD      x 27   
JUPITER BEAD         x 27             SATURN  BEAD       x 27

Black Construction Paper (9 x 12) x 27
Yellow Construction Paper (8.5 x 11) x 6 (small piece per student for a sun)

Glitter x 1 bag

Glue x 1 Stick

Planet Labels


Instructions: Cut a small piece of the yellow paper to represent the sun.

Place the yellow paper in the lower left corner. Space the planets out on the paper.

(Use the diagram below for an example). (not to scale)

Sprinkle the glitter to make an asteroid belt and a ring around Saturn.

Click here for Planet Labels Template PDF  (Use 100 per page address sticker sheet - One printed sheet is included)

Click here for Planet Labels Template PDF  (Use 80 per page address sticker sheet)

Click here for Planet Bead Placement PDF (One is included)

Suggested Bead Placement:


                     WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD



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