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Solar System Planet Beads Set - Flat Back (for 9 students)
Solar System Flat Back Planet Beads Pack

Solar System Planet Beads Set - Flat Back (for 9 students)

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Solar System Planet Beads

This hands-on flat bead set is a great visual aid to teach planet location in the solar system.
Children always remember best, when they can see/touch the lesson being taught.
Different size beads to represent the 8 planets in our solar system.
     *Not to scale  ** Bead color may vary slightly from photo

 Includes 9 each of the following flat back planet beads:

JUPITER             SATURN
VENUS               EARTH
MARS                MERCURY


Easy to do! Just glue the beads on any paper or fabric of your choice.

  •  We chose lightweight flat back beads for this project.
  • Lots of color and easy to do for everybody.
  • Happy Teaching!
 Hint:  For even more fun, use glitter or glitter glue for the asteroid belt and Saturn ring!
*note: These beads do not have holes for jewelry making.  They are designed to be glued onto a flat object like paper and fabric.

Click here to order The Complete Solar System Bead Craft Kit with Paper for 9 students.

Click here to order optional Silver Glitter.

                       WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD

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