Probability PDF Downloads for Cycle 3 Science

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Probability PDF Downloads

To accompany Classical Conversations Cycle 3
These are the worksheets for Foundations Hand-On Science weeks 19-24.

  • Reproducible and Printable PDF's of the following:
Week 19 - Coin Toss
Week 20 - Candy Probability
Week 21 - Pizza Combinations
Week 22 - Blueberry Pancakes (2 worksheets)
Week 23 - What are the Odds? (2 worksheets)
Week 24 - What does all that data mean? (6 worksheets with blank charts and graphs)

The link to the PDF download will be at the bottom of your order confirmation email.

Print as needed for your home or campus, but please do not share with others :)

Click here if you need a COMPLETE PROBABILITY KIT with SUPPLIES for weeks 19-24.

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