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Phenol Red pH Indicator 50 mL
Phenol Red pH Indicator

Phenol Red pH Indicator 50 mL

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Phenol Red pH Indicator - 50 mL Dropper Bottle

Phenol red is a water-soluble dye used as a pH indicator, changing from yellow to red over pH 6.6 to 8.0,
and then turning a bright pink color above pH 8.

Uses and Applications:

  • The Endothermic / Exothermic Chemical Reaction Experiment (also need baking soda, calcium chloride)
  • pH Indicator for Cell Biology Tests
  • Swimming pool pH indicator
  • Also called Phenolsulfonephthalein
  • Great for science fairs, lab experiments or homeschool science


See HERE for Calcium Chloride


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