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PDF Printable Science Worksheets to accompany Cycle 3
Week 1 Face Prints (Blinking)

PDF Printable Science Worksheets to accompany Cycle 3

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PDF Worksheets to accompany Cycle 3 Foundations Science

These worksheets are customized for cycle 3 students. This will make your classes much easier to plan and facilitate!
No need to stress.  It's already done for you!
Includes PDF Download Printable Worksheets for the following weeks.
Make copies as needed for your classes. (Please don't share with other campuses)
  • Week 1 (Blinking) This worksheet is ready for your students to cut out, tape and go.  Everyone should get a great result.
  • Week 3 (Fingerprints) This worksheet has preprinted squares for each finger.  Perfect even for the youngest student.
  • Weeks 19-24 (Probability Labs) These worksheets are already filled out with the necessary information to jump right into the exercises.
    Please note - Your downloads and printed pages will not have the copyright protection on the front.
           The copyright protection is only present in online viewing.





WORKSHEETS  (Weeks 1 and 3)





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