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Owl Pellet Class Dissection Kit
Owl Pellet Class Dissection Kit For up to 9 participants!

Owl Pellet Class Dissection Kit

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Common Barn Owl Pellets are from Oregon and Washington State, USA (Heat Sterilized)

This is one of our favorite experiments!


  • Owl Pellet Student Packs x 3 (enough for 9 participants)                                                                                       These are easy to separate pellets and pellet pieces.
  • Bone Identification and Sorting Chart - Reproducible Black Line Master
  • Disposable Plates x 9
  • Wood Probes x 9
  • Forceps (Tweezers) x 9
  • Owl Pellet Information Sheet
  • Plastic Droppers x 9 (for irrigation as needed)
What is unique about these owl pellets?
These are perfect for younger students.
Easy to complete a fun and investigative science lab in a 30 minute time frame. 
Easier to separate without bone breakage and so much fun!
Less frustration for everyone and more time to concentrate on the lesson.
* Bonus fun: Have the students glue the bones on the chart to send home!
** Video coming soon!


 IMPORTANT! Owl Pellets contain animal fur and can aggravate those with allergies. 
You may need to use a mask for protection from the dust/fur/dander.


Click here to purchase Magnifiers

Click here to purchase PDF Downloadable Bone Identification and Sorting Charts


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