Sunprint Paper 15 Pack
Sunprint Paper 15 Pack

Nature Print SunPrint Paper 15 Sheets 5x7 - Week 7

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Nature Print Sun-Sensitive Sunprint Paper Set

Includes 15 Nature Print sheets measuring 5"x 7"

This paper produces beautiful, permanent prints from natural or man-made materials.
This unique sun-sensitive paper exposes in direct sunlight to create white on blue prints.

Flat objects such as leaves, photo negatives, coins, cut-outs, lace, etc.,
when placed on the paper block the sun and provide the subject for the print.

This photographic-like image requires no inks, presses, photo equipment, darkroom, or chemicals.
Exposure time is 2-3 minutes, then develop in tapwater in seconds. It's fast, safe and leaves no mess.

NaturePrint™ Paper is appropriate for any age group and includes full, simple instructions.



Select FLAT objects you wish to print--weeds, leaves, keys, string, lace, a sliced shell, buttons, cutouts, paperclips, a black and white negative, etc...



Remove a sheet of paper. Pin at corners (blue side up) to a piece of corrugated cardboard for support.



Place objects to print on top of NaturePrint™ Paper.
Note: very lightweight objects can be held in place by covering with plastic wrap or a piece of clear plastic in place of pins.



Expose to sun until blue paper turns very pale blue--about 2 minutes. Times will vary; do not overexpose.



After removing objects from paper, protect print from direct sun and soak in a container of plain water for about 1 minute. Dry flat. Image will sharpen during drying time. When dry, flatten under a heavy book.




How It Works:

Simply select the subject of your print from a wide array of natural or manmade objects, place it on top of the paper, and expose it to sunlight, or a UV lamp, until the paper turns light blue in color (1-3 minutes depending on intensity of sunlight).  Once exposure is complete, submerge the paper in water to stop the exposure process, remove print from water and set aside to dry.  It’s that easy!

Tips & Tricks:
  • Want a deeper blue print?  Simply add a dash of hydrogen peroxide to the water before submerging your exposed paper.
  • Want to be able to use Nature Print but can’t make it outdoors?  Not a problem, use an artificial UV light source to substitute for natural sunlight.  Parental supervision is suggested when using electric powered UV light sources.
  • Beautiful freehand drawings are easier than ever with Nature Print Paper.  Dip a paintbrush or cotton swab in hydrogen peroxide and start applying it to the unexposed paper. This step should be done indoors away from sunlight.  Once you are happy with your creation, move your masterpiece outside into direct sunlight for normal exposure.  Once exposure is complete, submerge the paper in water just like normal.  The only thing holding you back is your imagination!


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