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Foundations Science Classroom COMPLETE BOX - Cycle 2 Weeks 1-24
Cycle 2 Classical Conversations Foundations Science Box

Foundations Science Classroom COMPLETE BOX - Cycle 2 Weeks 1-24

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to accompany Foundations Science Weeks 1-24 (updated to 5th edition Guidebook)

This is the box if you want every tutor to have their own supplies. 

*This is also the base box for rotating supplies

(One of these for the first class and one Consumable Box for each additional class)

Click HERE to view a video demonstration of what is included in the Classroom Box.

Each box is individually packed and labeled for ease in distribution to the tutors.
  • The box is bagged by week with a supplies list to match the stickers on each bag.
  • Color Coded Supply Bag Labels - The Complete is pink and The Consumable is green :)
  • This box is designed for 9 participants (8 students plus a tutor - *or 1 extra student if needed)
  • Each order receives printable PDF downloads for noted weeks. Print as needed for your campus.
  • The PDF download link will be at the bottom of your order confirmation email.

Also available in the following options:  Please use these links to purchase

If you require further weeks removed/adjusted, we ask that you purchase by weekly packs.
Unfortunately, we are not able to remove items from the assembled kits.

The Complete Box includes a Reusable Items Pack.  These are items that are used in multiple weeks.
Please return these items to the reusable items bag when finished for the week. 
These items are annotated on the checklist.
Includes: Metal Spoon, Center-Groove Ruler, Marbles, String, Pencils, Marker, Masking Tape, and Dish Soap.
Click here if you need an additional Reusable Items Pack.



1.  What to buy for your campus? ROTATING or SHARING SUPPLIES CAMPUS:
You will need one Complete Science Supplies Box for the main room.                   
     Each additional rotating class will need a Consumable Refills Box.   
You will need 1 Complete Box for each classroom.
   * If you only need 1 Outside Proportional Solar System, order the additional Complete Class Boxes without Week 8.

2.  How do you set up the sun for week 8 Proportional Solar Model?
    Best Practice: Use a large stationary object to represent the sun. Something like the side of a building, van, wall or large yellow poster board.

3.  What is supplied for the Rocket Week?
We supply the components and detailed directions for making 3 Baking Soda and Vinegar Rockets.
Your box includes 3 Stoppers to fit 16 oz - 2 liter plastic soda/water bottles, Sticks and Heavy duty Rubber Bands for making the stand on your bottle, Measuring Cup and Spoon, and very Detailed Directions for successful launches. 
There is also a link on this page to view one of our launches with a 32 ounce plastic bottle.

*You supply: Bottles of choice, Baking Soda/Vinegar
This is one of our favorite fun experiments.  (you can purchase additional stoppers HERE).

** We also offer Film Canister Seltzer Rockets if you prefer. These are perfect for the ABC classes.
 Just purchase the Complete Box Without Week 9 and then add these rockets to your cart.
4.  Is there a Student Add-On Pack?
There isn't an additional student pack option, since there are only a few things you would need.

Click below to purchase these items if needed.
      Note: We included extra sunprint paper (15 per class pack), screw, and washer so those won't be needed

PopsicleSticks, Straws, Balloons, Rubber Bands, Planet Beads Packet (not available individually), Thumbtacks, Plastic Egg

5.  Can we request a different delivery date? Yes, please leave a note in the comment section of your order.