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Foundations Science Bulk Basic Supply Pack (18- 24 students)
Bulk Basic Science Supplies Pack

Foundations Science Bulk Basic Supply Pack (18- 24 students)

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Image result for newBULK BASIC SCIENCE SUPPLIES BOX 2019-2020 
                       to accompany Foundations Science - Weeks 1-24   (updated to 5th edition Guidebook)
  • This is a Bulk Box of Basic Supplies for Cycle 2 Foundations Science.
  • Does not include every week - only the harder to source ones.
  • These supplies are designed for combined science training or a rotating science supplies tote.
  • This is not for individual classes teaching independently at the same time. We offer Complete Boxes (see below)
  • This box is designed for up to 24 students plus tutors (depending on how you pair/group students).

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 * Includes a reusable items pack (annotated by a * in front of the item on the checklist)
      Includes: Metal Spoon, Center-Groove Ruler, Marbles, String, Rubber Bands (approx 1250), Masking Tape x 2.

 ** Click these links for additional consumable supplies.
     Popsicle Sticks, Straws, Balloons, Rubber Bands, Planet Beads Packet (not available individually),  Thumbtacks,  Plastic Egg

  • Week 1: Rope (10 ft), Thermometers x 2
  • Week 2: Clay, Small Clear Bowls x 5, Chips x 5, Magnifiers x 5, Not Included: Marker, Water, Paper
  • Week 3: Thumbtacks x 27 - Not Included: Cardstock, Glue, Marker, Pencils, Scissors
  • Week 4: *Marble, Washers x 10, *String - Not Included: Round Dish/Pan, Construction Paper, Scissors
  • Week 5: Balloons x 27, *Masking Tape, *Metal Spoon, Spool, *String - Not Included: Marker, Ruler
  • Week 7:  Sunprint Paper with Directions - 5" x 7" 30 Sheets
  • Week 8: Outdoor Solar System (Various sized balls, *Marbles, and Tape Measure) 
  • Week 9:  (To assemble 3 Rockets) Measuring Cup/Spoon, Popsicle Sticks, Heavy Duty Rubber Bands, Stoppers x 3, Directions        Not Included: Baking Soda/Vinegar, Napkins, Bottle (16 ounce - 2 liter)
  • Week 11: Planet Beads (27 of each) -   Not Included: Construction Paper, Glitter (optional), Glue, Scissors
  • Week 16: Lids x 2, *Marble, *Masking Tape, *Ruler, Not Included: Books, Marker, Table, Scissors, Paper
  • Week 17: Plastic Cup, *Ruler, *Marble - Not Included: Scissors, Book, Paper, Soda Can
  • Week 18: Screws x 10, *Ruler, *Masking Tape, Straws (pull from straw box) - instead of pencils  Not Included: Marker, Paper
  • Weeks 20-21: Large Drinking Straws x 1000, *Masking Tape, *Rubber Bands, *Ruler 
  • Weeks 22-23: Craft Sticks x 1000, Plastic Eggs x 10, Bottle Caps x 27, Pom-Poms (ammo), *Rubber Bands                              Not Included: Fresh Eggs, Napkins

  Caution: Contains Small Parts, Marbles, Small Balls, Balloons and choking hazards
                  Not intended for children under 3.  Use only under adult supervision!


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