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Family Science Box - Cycle 2 Foundations
Single Student and Family Box

Family Science Box - Cycle 2 Foundations

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Single Student / Family Box - Foundations Science 2019-2020

These supplies equip a family to continue their studies during moves, transitions, or independent study.

This box is designed for 1 student or 1 family sharing supplies.
* Supplies for 1 of each experiment.

* Includes a reusable items pack (annotated by a * in front of the item on the checklist)
Includes: Metal Spoon, Center-Groove Ruler, Marbles, String, Pencils, Rubber Bands, Marker, Masking Tape, and Dish Soap.

** If you have more than one student, see these links for additional consumable supplies.
PopsicleSticks,Straws,Balloons,Rubber Bands,Planet Beads Packet (not available individually),Thumbtacks,Plastic Egg

    • WEEKS 1-24 Box

    Week 1: Rope (10 Ft), Thermometers x 2 


    Week 2: Clay, Small Clear Bowl, Chip, Magnifier, Circle Drawing

    Not Included: Water


    Week 3: Index Card, Thumbtack, *Pencil, *Marker

    Not Included: Glue, Scissors


    Week 4: Round Dish, *Marble, Construction Paper (in the paper pack), Washer, *String

    Not Included: Scissors


    Week 5: Balloon, *Marker, Clay, *Masking Tape, *Metal Spoon, Spool, *String, *Ruler


    Week 6: Wax Paper
    Not Included: Desk Lamp / Large Flashlight


    Week 7: Sunprint Paper and Directions


    Week 8: Outdoor Solar System (various sized balls, *Marbles, Tape Measure)  


    Week 9: Measuring Cup, Napkins, Spoon, Popsicle Sticks, Rubber Bands, Stopper, Directions

    Not Included: Baking Soda, Vinegar, Bottle


    Week 10: No Supplies Needed - Community Activity


    Week 11: Planet Beads (1 of each), Black and Yellow Construction Paper (in the paper pack)

    Not Included: Glitter (optional), Glue, Scissors


    Week 12: Constellation Template Download

    Not Included: Paper, optional Paint/Stickers


    Week 13: *Spoon, *String, *Dish Soap, Vinegar, Small Dish

    Not Included: Glass Stemware, Sink/Water


    Week 14:  Pepper Pack, Toothpick, *Dish Soap, Small Dish

    Not Included: Foil, Carpeted Floor, Water


    Week 15: *Spoon

    Not Included: Glass Bottles/Glasses, Water (Dinner Glasses work really well for this)


    Week 16: Lids x 2, *Marble, *Masking Tape, *Ruler, Circle Template Download

    Not Included: Books, Table, Scissors, Paper


    Week 17: Plastic Cup, *Ruler, *Marble

    Not Included: Scissors, Book, Paper, Soda Can


    Week 18: Screw x 1, *Ruler, *Marker, *Masking Tape, Straw (instead of pencil)

    Not Included: Paper


    Week 19: Paper Airplane Template Downloads


    Weeks 20-21: Large Straws x 100, *Masking Tape, *Rubber Bands, *Ruler


    Weeks 22-23: Craft Sticks x 60, Plastic Egg, Bottle Cap, Pom-Poms(ammo), *Rubber Bands

    Not Supplied: Napkins


    Week 24: Outdoor Contest with your completed projects

    Caution: Contains Small Parts, Marbles, Small Balls, Balloons and choking hazards
    Not intended for children under 3. Use only under adult supervision!