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to accompany Foundations Science - Weeks 1-24 (updated to 5th edition Guidebook)

We offer Classroom Boxes in Complete,Consumable and Bulk Supplies.
*You can remove Week 8 (Outdoor Solar System) or Week 9 (Baking Soda Rockets)
** You can add in the Film Canister Rockets for ABC's (much more fun)

What is The Classroom Complete Box?
Complete Science Supplies Box for weeks 1-24.

Includes supplies for up to 9 participants. Bagged, sorted and labeled by week.
This averages only $15 per participant!

This box is for campuses that are not rotating rooms/supplies.
It is designed for the tutor to have their own box of supplies for weeks 1-24.

Please note:The Classroom Complete Box is also the base box for rotating Science Rooms/Bins.
(1 of these for the first class and one Consumable Box for each additional class). The boxes are color coded.

What is The Consumable Box?
This is the refill box to accompany the Complete Classroom Box. This replaces any items used by the first class.
  • Each box is individually packed and color code labeled for ease in distribution to the tutors
  • The box is bagged by week with a supplies list to match the stickers on each weekly bag
  • This box is designed for 9 participants (8 students plus a tutor - *or 1 extra student if needed)

What is The
Bulk Supplies Box?
This is a Bulk Box of Basic Supplies for Cycle 2 Foundations Science.
  • Does not include every week - only the harder to source ones.
  • These supplies are designed for combined science training or a rotating science supplies tote.
  • This is not for individual classes teaching independently at the same time unless you split the supplies.
  • This box is designed for up to 24 students plus tutors (depending on how you pair/group students

What to buy for your campus?
Each Tutor has their own supplies:
You will need one Complete Classroom Box for each Tutor (up to 9 participants)
* If you only need 1 Outside Proportional Solar System, order the additional Complete Classroom Boxes without Week 8.

Rotating or Sharing Supplies Campus:
You will need one Complete Classroom Box for the first Class.
You will need one Consumable Box for each additional class

DIY Campus that has some supplies already:
The Bulk Supplies Box is a perfect fit for this!
Supplies for 18-24 students in bulk.
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Foundations Science Classroom COMPLETE BOX - Cycle 2 Weeks 1-24
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Foundations Science Bulk Basic Supply Pack (18- 24 students)
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Cycle 2 CLASSROOM COMPLETE BOX Remove Wk 9 (Rocket Supplies)
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Cycle 2 CLASSROOM COMPLETE BOX Remove Wk 8 (Outdoor Solar)
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Cycle 2 CLASSROOM COMPLETE BOX Remove Weeks 8 and 9
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