Earthworm Dissection Kit
Earthworm Dissection Kit

Earthworm Dissection Kits - Bulk Box of 65

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Earthworm Bulk Dissection Kits - Box of 65
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Availability: Please allow 3 weeks for delivery of the Bulk Dissection Kits
Bulk Order of Earthworm Dissection Kits

Each container includes 65 Complete Earthworm Dissections

What is in each individual kit?

  • 8-10" Preserved Earthworm Specimen (in non-toxic holding solution)
  • Disposable Dissection Tray
  • Complete Dissection Guide
  • Dissecting Surgical Scalpel
  • Dissecting Surgical Scissors
  • T-Pin Stabilizers x 10
  • Pointed Probe
  • Pointed Forceps (Tweezers)
  • Pipette (for flushing)
  • Cotton Swabs

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