Kraft Paper Roll 30 Ft
Kraft Paper Roll 30 Ft

Duck® Brand Kraft Paper Roll - Brown, 2.5 ft. x 30 ft. - USA

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Duck Brand Kraft Paper Roll, 2.5' x 30', Brown

This Duck Kraft Paper Roll is versatile for a wide variety of tasks. It comes in handy for your fun craft or DIY project. Use Duck Brand kraft paper to protect your surfaces from scratches and other damages during a move. It comes in a 2.5' x 30' size and is very simple to cut to the length you need with a pair of scissors. This brown kraft paper roll is easy to crumple up to place in a box to guard all valuable items when shipping. Take some to make yourself a nice book cover and color and decorate it as you see fit.

  • Duck Brand Kraft paper has a strong 60 lbs weight
  • Paper can be cut to size with scissors
  • Perfect for Cycle 3 - Tracing students body for anatomy study!

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