Cycle 3 Family / Tutor Training Box

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Cycle 3 At Home Family / Tutor Training Box Foundations Science 2020-2021

*Upgraded with supplies for the 5th Edition Guidebook.

            In Stock for Shipment!

This box is designed to accompany Classical Conversations Foundations Hands-On Science.
There are supplies for 1-2 students or a Tutor to complete each experiment one time.

If you have more students, you can pair or work in 3's. 
If you need a larger box, we offer this Classroom box for up to 8 students plus a tutor (some paired experiments).

Why buy a supplies box? It is so much easier with the prep work already completed for you.

  • The supplies for each week are bagged and labeled with week number.
  • Reproducible PDF Downloaded Worksheets(as noted on the supplies list) - immediate download link on order confirmation.
  • Weekly Supplies Breakdown Sheet - immediate download link on order confirmation email.
  • You will need to supply some Basic Household Items and Standard Classroom Supplies (noted in red)
  • FREE Shipping Included to US Continental 48 States! 
  • NOTE:  We do ship to Alaska and Hawaii.  Please contact us for a shipping quote :)
What is included in the box? (See the bottom of sheet for campus provided items list)  (See below for FAQ's)

(click HERE if you wish to purchase individual or extra items.


Our fulfillment process is a bit different than previous years. We are not sure how everything will work with
sourcing and
shipping large quantities during Covid-19, Lockdowns, and other issues.

To ensure smooth delivery of our quality kits, Lighthouse is only manufacturing in lots of 100 at a time.
We will do our absolute best to keep pricing as low as possible with each restock.

*This first lot has sold out, and shipped!
We are currently shipping the 2nd run and will make an additional run as needed to supply your campuses.

1. Do you provide PDF worksheets for this cycle.
Yes, we include reproducible PDF's for the following weeks:
Wk 1 (Blinking), Wk 3 (Fingerprints), Wk 7-12 (Human Anatomy Cut-Outs), and Wk 19-24 (Probability)
These are available for immediate download via a link on your order confirmation email. 
2.  Can we order additional boxes if we have a larger campus?
We offer a Class Box for use with up to 9 participants (8 students plus a tutor).
Click Here:  Classroom box
3.  When will you begin shipping?
We will begin shipping the second lot of 100 boxes on July 15, 2020.  If you need the supplies earlier for Tutor Training, please contact us.

4.  Why don't you include crayons, markers, scissors etc...?
This is another feedback requested change. 
Campuses usually have these items on hand, so it was not necessary to include them in your packets.
Note: You can purchase these items and more in "Components and Supplies".

7.  Why are there only 1 magnifier lenses in the box?
We have lots of requests to remove these from boxes, because most campuses have lots rotated from previous years.
Our compromise is to only include 1 in the Tutor/Family Box. 
*The fingerprints are fully visible on the tape without using a magnifier, so not a complete necessity.
7.  What do we need to provide?
There is a list above that details what items are not included.  (also in red on the weekly breakdown print)



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