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Tutor Training Pack
Weeks 13-18
Tutor Training Pack Weeks 13-18

Cycle 1 Foundations Science - Weeks 13-18 TUTOR PACK (In Stock)

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Foundations Science Cycle 1 - Weeks 13-18 TUTOR PACK
 This highly requested pack contains one of each experiment to utilize during Tutor Training.

These are the same supplies that we include in the classroom supplies box.


 The weekly supplies are bagged and labeled in 6 different zip-top bags with a week number. 

  • Weekly Supplies Breakdown Sheet show you what is included and/or needed before class.
  • You will need to supply Basic Household Items and Standard Classroom Supplies (noted on the Supplies Breakdown Sheet)
What is included in the packet? (See below for campus provided items list)  (See below for FAQ's)
Campus Provided Items List: Highlighted items are available for purchase
Sink/Large Bowl
1.  Why aren't all weeks shipped in a big box this year?
Feedback over the years has indicated that storage is a big problem when storing and transporting items to the churches and facilities. We are trying a new system this year with the boxes being sent in 4 quarterly shipments. 
This will be especially helpful to campuses that do not want to store preserved specimens for several months. The specimens will arrive several weeks before classes start so you have time to inventory and plan.
2.  Do you offer the Tutor Training Box this year?
Yes, we also offer 4 quarterly tutor training boxes that have 1 of each experiment.  This is a highly requested item that allows the tutors to do the experiments ahead of time, using the same supplies included in their classroom boxes.
Note:  If you are completing the foundations science as a single family instead of with a campus, the tutor training will be perfect for 1 student or 2 paired students.
3. How do I know the experiments work?
We conduct all of the experiments in house, and have a team of CC Directors and Tutors that also test the supplies to ensure accuracy and success.
4.  Are the worksheets included in my packet? 
Yes, we include PDF downloads in the appropriate quarterly pack for weeks 9, 10, 11, 20, 22, and 23.
The printable PDF's are sent to your email.  Print as needed for your students. Please don't share outside your campus.
5.  What if we have questions about the experiments?
Please contact us if you need help with the supplies :)  We are happy to help.
We also offer pictorials, videos and helpful info on our facebook page.  See the Cycle 1 album


6.  Why don't you include crayons, markers, scissors etc...?
This is a feedback requested change. 
Campuses usually have these items on hand, so it was not necessary to include them in your packets.
Note: You can purchase these a-la-carte in our store.
7.  What do we need to provide?
There is a list above that details what items are not included.  (also noted on the weekly breakdown print)