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Crayfish External Anatomy Kit
with Printable Anatomy Sheet
Crayfish External Anatomy Kit with Printable Anatomy Sheet

Crayfish External Anatomy Kit

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Crayfish External Anatomy Kit


Crayfish x 5 (Preserved in a Non-Toxic Nebanol solution)
Disposable Plates x 5
Wood Probes x 9
Precision Tipped Forceps x 5
External Anatomy Chart PDF
Information and Anatomy Sheet PDF
 * All students do this experiment in pairs.
Use the tools (chart, forceps, probes) for each student to examine the crayfish.
Once open, you can rotate these between classes. They will slowly dry out once removed from the original package. (1-2 weeks).
Discard with regular trash.



Our preserved specimens are prepared in the United States.
Enclosed in a bag with a non-toxic holding solution. (Not Formaldehyde).

The specimens are originally preserved in formaldehyde, then rinsed and stored in Nebanol.
This is a non-toxic storage solution. It is safe to dispose of the specimens in your normal household/business trash disposal
1. Fluid in the bag is normal and OK.
2. Store at room temperature in the original sealed bag for 6- 9 months.
3. Do not store with food items!
4. Do not add water to the specimen bag, it will cloud the solution and allow bacteria growth.
5. You can use 70% Isopropyl alcohol if you need a rewetting solution or short term storage solution.
6. Always wear appropriate safety glasses and disposable gloves while handling the specimens.
7. Open the bag when you are prepared to complete the dissection.
8. If your dissection will take several days, we recommend covering and sealing the specimen with plastic wrap or a plastic zip-top bag
   between sessions to preserve the moisture. (Use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol if needed to prevent drying out)
9. After the dissection, dispose of the specimen, fluid and any disposable items in your normal trash disposal.
10. Wash any non-disposable items with hot soapy water and dry before storing.
11. Disinfect the work station with hot soapy water or disinfectant spray.                                                                                                                                      


 Click here for DISSECTING TOOLS if you want to dissect the specimens (Download easy dissection instructions online).



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