Did you know we offer customized kit production for any curriculum or product idea?  

Is shipping a problem for you?  No worries, we have over 15 years of packing and shipping experience.

Need some help sourcing supplies and completing product testing?  We can do that too!

What experience do we have?  We have developed over 95 different types of kits.

What types of kits?  We have worked with elementary and middle school math, all levels of science, all levels of geology, and all levels of art.

Do we offer blind shipments?  Yes we can ship with your logo and packing slips.

How do we ship your orders? You will supply a UPS or Fedex account for shipment.  These companies bill directly to you for easy payment.  We charge an additional $1.50 handling charge per unit.

Can we ship the completed kits directly to you? Absolutely, we are happy to palletize your order and send it to any location you wish.

Can we do on-site visits to discuss kit options?  Absolutely.  The fee is $250.00 per day, plus hotel and mileage of .15 cents per mile round trip to your location.  Mileage fee is waived if you are providing airfare.


What is the cost? 

1. Test kit development and product procurement is $25.00 per hour.

2. Parts are at cost plus 25% if you are not providing components and parts.

3. Final kit cost is based on components and labor cost.

4. Storage fees: $2.00 per unit per month.  50 unit minimum initial order for storage.

5. Your products are stored on dedicated pallets/shelving in a climate controlled room.

6. Shipping fees are shipping cost plus $1.00 handling fee per unit.

 Why have Lighthouse Educational help?

We take the guess work out by providing years of experience to ensure your success with a quality product.

 Contact us via [email protected] or call (828) 260-9426.

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